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HTML5 Video

HTML5 Video’s

First one is Tashkorgan to Pakistan on the KKH… Its long. Over 11mins. Start it then let it buffer for a while if it stops

Of Sumps and Filters

I burn my fingers or knuckles on the hot exhaust pipes and I don’t like it!

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I can hear the Missus now…. What has he bought THIS time!!

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I've Been Forked!

A couple of years ago I bought some used White Power 5060 Extreme forks from Ebay Germany, with the idea to put them on the Camel…

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Daft Idea Really...

A few weeks ago I saw a poster for a “Randonee” for Motos and Quads. Sounds like a good idea. So, My mate Rolly and I book it up… This was in December.

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